Partners & Projects

Starting up a new, innovative industry is not something we can do alone. Therefore, many others are involved. Protifarm is part of platforms to share knowledge, works together with institutes to develop her processes and products to a higher level, and supports projects across the world to promote the insect industry.




These platforms all consist of companies who are active in the sustainable food industry and/or in the insect industry. With the help of these platforms, the involved companies can help each other by sharing information to make the industry better every day. Subjects that these platforms work on are for example the legislation of insects as food in Europe, and bringing insects successfully to the market.







Together with the following renowned institutes, Protifarm performs research on her production processes and products. The research and analyses done by these partners are needed to keep developing and improving our processes and ingredients, so that we remain a frontrunner in the industry who delivers high quality products to her clients.









Protifarm is actively involved in international, innovative and sustainable projects across the world in order to promote and improve the knowledge, production and consumption of sustainable insect farming.