Research & Development

Protifarm’s insect specialists have over forty years of experience rearing more than 10 species of insects, including the Alphitobius diaperinus, better known as the buffalo mealworm. For many years, our Research & Development team have manually selected the best Alphitobius diaperinus to deliver the incredible insect we farm today. Our buffalo mealworms can grow quickly on a limited amount of water and feed and deliver exceptional nutrition with a mild and neutral flavour.

Powder on a scaleLeveraging our extensive in-house rearing knowledge and experience, our team has created the world’s first effective, large scale, insect rearing facility for the production of sustainable food ingredients from the Alphitobius diaperinus. In our unique and fully automated rearing facility we use a revolutionary vertical farming model to produce the high quality, sustainable animal protein on an industrial scale.

Our entomologists, biologists, breeding climatologists, and nutritionists are always working to expand and improve insect production. Their work is dedicated to finding and implementing the most effective cultivating and rearing methodologies and processes and they conduct value scientific research to constantly evaluate our production methods, processes, and products.

Optimum diet and environmental conditions are the key factors for an efficient production process. Research on incorporating different side-streams from the food industry, taking into account food safety, will result in an even more sustainable production of high-quality protein products for human consumption. In our rearing program, growth efficiency alongside the health and well-being of our insects is always given special attention.

Protifarm’s highly skilled food technologists are dedicated to insect processing. Our innovative processing technology platform converts our insects into high quality ingredients for the food industry. Our focus is on expanding and improving the nutritional and functional benefits of our ingredients through continuous improvement and relentless customer support.

PowderOur controlled rearing environment as well as our processing technology platform are covered by a range of patents, granted and pending. Moreover, our processes are highly scalable and can be set up anywhere in the world, contributing to a more food secure future with a smaller global footprint.

Our Research & Development department collaborates on a structural basis with leading universities and research institutes as well as with internationally renowned food innovators, chefs, and product developers. Our Research & Development department also executes contract-based research for external clients.