Animal welfare

Proti-Farm Animal Welfare

As the food-production industry is trying to keep up with growing demand, more efficient processes are needed, sometimes resulting in lowered animal welfare standards. Animal welfare garners more and more attention and the demand for animal-friendly production is increasing. Insect-based protein production is a very animal-friendly process compared to regular animal husbandry. Our insects are tropical animals that prefer warm, humid climates. In lower temperature environments, their metabolism gradually slows down and they automatically die without any pain or stress when they reach freezing temperatures. Buffalo’s are naturally accustomed to living in high densities. Growing them in large scale environments and high concentrations is natural to them and does not cause them any discomfort.

The use of insects in protein production will significantly reduce the pressure on traditional production methods to meet the ever-rising demand for animal proteins.  This will enable traditional producers to regain focus on creating animal-friendly production methods and to keep animal welfare in mind in their work.