Lactose Free

Lactose FreeLactose free products are rapidly becoming more common in stores around the world and the number of products are also on the rise. Lactose intolerance is a condition in which a person is unable to digest lactose instead of the common misconception of it being an allergy. This inability to digest can lead too various uncomfortable reactions such as diarrhea, bloating and severe discomfort. Recent research has made it possible to identify and largely remove the lactose component from the milk from animals. All insects and insect derived products at Protifarm are 100% guaranteed lactose free and produced without any hormones or chemicals. Our lactose fee insect (products) contain high protein, vitamins & minerals, healthy fatty acids and antioxidants and are a great alternative within your daily meals. Lactose free products have proven to be also help non-lactose intolerant people with their digestion.

Sugar Free

Sugar FreeSugar and most notably added sugars in many of current meals and food products have proven to have far reaching consequences for our overall health. An important reason for consuming sugars is that it gives us lots of energy, however it also brings along a lot of empty calories, especially in western diets which contain a lot of added chemical sugars. Insects and insect-derived products are naturally sugar free and full of other essential nutrients and give you a great boost of energy without any added negative effects. At Protifarm we recommend insects as natural and healthy ingredients in exciting new meals, an addition to existing meals or simply as a healthy snack throughout the day. Try our insect products now and experience the health benefits from this super food!


Non-GMO is a term used to describe food or ingredients which have not been genetically modified. Throughout the years scientist have been modifying the genetic material (DNA) of various crops without knowing the full extent of effects for consumers in terms of toxics and allergens. Thus consuming these genetically modified foods may result in serious health and safety risks for consumers, which have contributed to a rising demand for non-GMO food. To avoid these types of risks and health hazards we therefore strongly advise to maintain a healthy non-GMO diet with only non-GMO certified products. All insect ingredients from Protifarm are guaranteed 100% non-GMO and completely free from any chemicals, pesticides or antibiotics.

Low Salt

Low in SaltSalt (along with sugar) have been identified as two of the most damaging elements in the human diet, that can and should be reduced. This element is present in unnatural large quantities in processed foods in order to preserve the food and its flavor. This will however result in a salt intake by consumers which far exceeds the necessary amount for a body to function properly. Insects offer you a wide variety of nutrients such as protein, iron and calcium while providing only limited intake of salt and thus help you maintain a healthy diet.

Clean Protein

Clean ProteinThe source of protein plays a major role in determining its overall quality. Many types of protein are derived from sources which are either grown or bred using chemicals and antibiotics and fed with modified fattening ingredients. However, all these chemicals and unhealthy fats will also find its way into the eventual protein and thus in the end-consumer. The composition of clean proteins has proven to be most effective due to their high concentration proteins and beneficial fats without any added chemicals or antibiotics. Proteins from plants, wild-caught fish, pasture livestock and also insects have demonstrated to meet the beneficial elements of being labeled a clean protein. We take great care to produce healthy and clean products to maximize the effectiveness of the natural high-protein concentration in insects. Our insect (products) are free of any chemicals and antibiotics, making them an ideal and clean addition to your diet. 

Fortified by Protifarm

Fortified By Proti-FarmGood nutrition is a critical element of a healthy lifestyle and people are becoming more aware of the importance of consuming high-quality, and preferably natural food. At Protifarm we understand this desire by producing high quality, natural and healthy ingredients (from insects) for human consumption.  Our clients who use our raw, natural materials have asked for an official mark to put on their products so (end) consumers have the guarantee that there is Protifarm inside. Products with Protifarm inside can use the official sign: “Fortified by Protifarm” when authorized by Protifarm. This can be requested by contacting us at: