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Successful Launch of Tasty Burgers into German Supermarkets!

Congratulations to Baris & Max on the successful launch of their tasty burger (made with our buffalo’s) into German supermarkets! This innovative burger is a great example of how to incorporate insects into a sustainable, healthy product that looks and tastes delicious. Keep up the great work Bugfoundation!    
World Food Innovations - 100% Pure Insect Powder

World Food Innovations: 100% pure buffalo insect powder

Through sophisticated processing of the insects, a 100% pure insect powder is developed which can serve in a variety of food formulations. This insect powder delivers protein along with a rich collection of fiber, healthy fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. The powder can be used to enhance characteristics of existing food, substitute ingredients with a high footprint or develop new products.
Insects as Food - Healthy and Delicious

Insects as Food – Healthy and Delicious

In many countries of the world insects are considered an important part of the human diet and even as a high-priced specialty. A new European "Novel Food" regulation makes it possible for the creepy-crawlies to land on our plates. In some restaurants they are already offered, for example as insect burgers, locusts on skewers, maggot chocolate or mealworm energy bars.
Politico - Insects as Food Regulation

New EU Rules put Insects on the Menu

For businesses ranging from cricket farms to manufacturers of bug burgers, it is a big moment. They reckon that common rules across the bloc should enable them to scale up and allow the insectsy industry to burst from its chrysalis. The new regulations now explicitly covers whole insects and ensures that the European Commission will handle insect-food applications directly, with the EFSA advising.
Nutritious and Sustainable Food

Nutritious and sustainable: insect-based food is gaining ground in Europe

In an increasingly populated world, it seems that insects are the future of food. Everything indicates that we will soon be placing them in our shopping carts. At least, that's what the experts are saying and what the growing number of  companies, who are producing and developing food products with insects as ingredients, indicates.
Buffalo Products from Proti-Farm

Buffalo’s – Soon on a Plate near you!

In 2014, Kreca (an insect producing company with over 35 years of experience) was acquired by Proti-Farm, whose goal it is to become the world's leading producer of insects for human consumption. "Demand is increasing every year and we are currently building an automated facility where we can produce insects on an unparalleled scale”.
Food Ingredients First - Heidi de Bruin from Proti-Farm

Novel Natural Ingredients: Proti-Farm Looks to Scale Up Insect Production

The demand for natural and specialty foods has increased dramatically in recent years and is expected to continue to rise even further in the near future. Meeting this demand may require producers to take a closer look at “alternative” ingredients. Ingredients derived from insects in various forms are now seen as “the new kid on the block”.
New Novel Food Rules - Edible Insects

New Novel Food Rules will “Pave the Way” for Wider Insect Use

As the new EU novel food rules start kicking in (from January 1, 2018), European insect producers have welcomed the move claiming that it should pave the way for the wider use of insects as food. And an influx of applications concerning the use of insects in food could be seen this year as the new rules take effect, according to IPIFF.
Insect Burgers with Proti-Farm

Bugs in a bun — are insect burgers the future?

Could insects soon become a worldwide dietary staple? Since 2014 two German entrepreneurs have been honing their recipe for an insect burger. The potential, advocates say, is huge. With buffalo's from Proti-Farm the German entrepreneurs have been perfecting their burger and are now hitting the market!
Buffalo Pancakes

Bugsbite Project – Pancakes with Buffalo Insect Flour of Proti-Farm!

29th of November 2017 - KU Leuven, Belgium - As part of the start-up bootcamp at the KU Leuven University, three students developed their own pancake with Proti-Farm's buffalo insect flour as ingredient. On World Science Day, visitors were treated to the innovative pancakes and reactions were very positive on both taste and appearance.
Proti-Burgers from Proti-Farm

Proti-Farm presenting during Yearly Mayor Lunch Ermelo

November 8th 2017 – Ermelo, The Netherlands – Heidi de Bruin of Proti-Farm has been invited to the yearly Mayor Lunch in Ermelo, The Netherlands to do a presentation on insects for human nutrition and the large scale up facility Proti-Farm is currently building in Ermelo. Entrepreneurs and business owners have been invited and got an introduction in the world of edible insects. ...