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Buffalo Products from Proti-Farm

Buffalo’s – Soon on a Plate near you!

In 2014, Kreca (an insect producing company with over 35 years of experience) was acquired by Proti-Farm, whose goal it is to become the world's leading producer of insects for human consumption. "Demand is increasing every year and we are currently building an automated facility where we can produce insects on an unparalleled scale”.
Food Ingredients First - Heidi de Bruin from Proti-Farm

Novel Natural Ingredients: Proti-Farm Looks to Scale Up Insect Production

The demand for natural and specialty foods has increased dramatically in recent years and is expected to continue to rise even further in the near future. Meeting this demand may require producers to take a closer look at “alternative” ingredients. Ingredients derived from insects in various forms are now seen as “the new kid on the block”.
New Novel Food Rules - Edible Insects

New Novel Food Rules will “Pave the Way” for Wider Insect Use

As the new EU novel food rules start kicking in (from January 1, 2018), European insect producers have welcomed the move claiming that it should pave the way for the wider use of insects as food. And an influx of applications concerning the use of insects in food could be seen this year as the new rules take effect, according to IPIFF.
Insect Burgers with Proti-Farm

Bugs in a bun — are insect burgers the future?

Could insects soon become a worldwide dietary staple? Since 2014 two German entrepreneurs have been honing their recipe for an insect burger. The potential, advocates say, is huge. With buffalo's from Proti-Farm the German entrepreneurs have been perfecting their burger and are now hitting the market!
Buffalo Pancakes

Bugsbite Project – Pancakes with Buffalo Insect Flour of Proti-Farm!

29th of November 2017 - KU Leuven, Belgium - As part of the start-up bootcamp at the KU Leuven University, three students developed their own pancake with Proti-Farm's buffalo insect flour as ingredient. On World Science Day, visitors were treated to the innovative pancakes and reactions were very positive on both taste and appearance.
Proti-Burgers from Proti-Farm

Proti-Farm presenting during Yearly Mayor Lunch Ermelo

November 8th 2017 – Ermelo, The Netherlands – Heidi de Bruin of Proti-Farm has been invited to the yearly Mayor Lunch in Ermelo, The Netherlands to do a presentation on insects for human nutrition and the large scale up facility Proti-Farm is currently building in Ermelo. Entrepreneurs and business owners have been invited and got an introduction in the world of edible insects. ...
Proti-Farm at World Food Day

Proti-Burgers a Big Success at World Food Day!

October 14th 2017 - Ede, The Netherlands - Proti-Farm was present at the World Food Day in Ede to promote the potential of insect as a healthy and sustainable food ingredient. Our Proti-Burgers (made with buffalo's) gave attendees the chance to experience a tasteful burger with our innovative insect ingredients. ...
World Food Day

Proti-Farm present on Innovation Plaza at World Food Day!

It's almost time for World Food Day! This annual (largely) free event will end on October 14th in Ede. Discover the story behind your food in dozens of excursions, workshops, talk shows, movies and an innovation plaza. Join a coffee-escape game, file a strange fish, visit a butcher's shop, learn how to distinguish health myths and facts and go for a real supermarket safari.
Baking Europe

Fortified Baking – Novel Health Ingredients from Insects

For applications in bakery products, insect powders are considered the most convenient option. Using these powders as a substitute for usual bakery ingredients is likely to give end products a nutritional boost. Furthermore insect ingredients in bakery products could be potentially interesting for those consumer groups that require additional, complete, protein sources such as the elderly or athletes.
Proti-Farm at Food Matters Live

Proti-Farm Will Exhibit at Food Matters Live 2017

21 - 23 November 2017  London, UK - Proti-Farm will be exhibiting at the upcoming edition of Food Matters live 2017 in London. Visit us during this event to discover the future of food and experience first-hand the tasty products made with our healthy and sustainable insect ingredients. ...
Proteins from Insects on the Rise

“Insect Proteins on the Rise” VMT interview with CEO Proti-Farm

In the search for alternative proteins, insects are always part of the conversation. Unrecognizably processing of insect proteins in tasty products increases acceptance of consumers, expects the CEO of Proti-Farm. Some major multinationals in the food industry are now starting to seriously consider insects as an ingredient.