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New Novel Food Rules - Edible Insects

New Novel Food Rules will “Pave the Way” for Wider Insect Use

As the new EU novel food rules start kicking in (from January 1, 2018), European insect producers have welcomed the move claiming that it should pave the way for the wider use of insects as food. And an influx of applications concerning the use of insects in food could be seen this year as the new rules take effect, according to IPIFF.
Insect Burgers with Proti-Farm

Bugs in a bun — are insect burgers the future?

Could insects soon become a worldwide dietary staple? Since 2014 two German entrepreneurs have been honing their recipe for an insect burger. The potential, advocates say, is huge. With buffalo's from Proti-Farm the German entrepreneurs have been perfecting their burger and are now hitting the market!

IPIFF Press Release November 2017

IPIFF - the European Umbrella Organisation representing the interests of the Insect Production sector for Food and Feed – emphasized the role insects for food and feed could play in answering global societal challenges and reminded about the opportunities opened under the EU policy and legislative framework to maximize this potential.
Coop Sells Insect Products

Insect Burgers Go On Sale At Swiss Supermarket Chain

Eating insects has a long-established history in many cultures around the world and is expected to grow in popularity in Western markets in the years to come. Swiss supermarket chain Coop is getting right in front of the trend by offering more adventurous eaters several products that contain insects in their ingredients list, including burgers and “insect balls.”
Widening Use Of Insects

Widening the possible use of insects

IPIFF, the European Umbrella Organisation representing the interests of the Insect Production sector for Food and Feed, emphasized the role insects for food and feed could play in answering global societal challenges. The organisation also highlighted the fact that under the EU policy and legislative framework opportunities opened to maximize this potential.
Insect Bread

Finland rolls out bread made from crushed crickets

A Finnish bakery is to offer bread made from crushed crickets in a move that is hoped will help tackle world hunger. Fazer Bakery in Finland said the product, available in its stores from Friday, was the first of its kind. Each loaf produced will contain about 70 crickets that have been dried and ground, and then mixed with flour, wheat and other seeds.
Ikea Sustainability

IKEA Wants ‘Radical Change’ for its Food Business to Promote Sustainability

While IKEA is best known for its furniture, the retailer also has a well-known food retail business, including in-store restaurants selling its famous meatballs and marketplaces selling over 180 Swedish food products. This sideline food business sells a cool €2 billion ($2.3 billion) of food per year and serves 650 million customers.
Insects as Food Ingredient

Companies looking at insects as sustainable and healthy food ingredient!

Companies from startups to conglomerates are expanding their portfolios to serve consumers concerned not just about what they eat, but how their food is grown. More U.S. consumers are looking for healthy, minimally processed ingredients sourced in a way that is kind to the environment.
Meatless Protein

The Race to Find Meatless Protein Products

The future of protein could be a meal worm, a fungus, an obscure plant or a run-of-the-mill pea. “If we look around the world, there’s a big consumer trend on more protein,” says Mehmood Khan, vice chairman and chief scientific officer at PepsiCo Inc. “The question is: How are we going to do this in a manner that’s sustainable?"
Insects Become Maintream

Will insect-based foods tip to the mainstream?

There are compelling reasons for Europeans to incorporate more insect-based protein into their diets. The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization has been advocating on topics related to edible insects since 2003. The agency highlights that insect consumption can be associated with health and environmental benefits.
Alternative Proteins

Investors Plant $250M in Alternative Protein Startups

According to the startup database service Crunchbase, the popularity of high-protein diets, concern over animal welfare and Silicon Valley’s obsession with the next hottest innovation has led to at least $250 million invested in what the company describes as the “alternative protein space.”