Protifarm delivers high quality insect ingredients of the buffalo for the food and personal care and pharmaceutical industry under the EntoPure brand. Protifarm products are HACCP certified and the factories are certified FSCC22000, ISO14000 and ISO26000.



Protifarm has selected the buffalo (Alphitobius diaperinus) for large scale production due to its excellent and complete amino acids, vitamins, minerals, digestibility and short production time thanks to in-house and yearlong sustainable breeding and rearing methods. The buffalo offer a protein and fatty acid structure comparable to beef. The larvae consist of 35% dry matter of which 60-85% is crude protein. All our insects are fed only on vegetable streams and GMP+ certified feed. No antibiotics, chemicals and/or hormones are used. Each batch is traceable from the birth of the animal until the final product leaves our factories. Our insects are natural and non-GMO. Organic and gluten-free ingredients can be delivered upon demand.



Fortified By Proti-FarmInsect products on the market containing this logo on their packaging deliver standard and guaranteed quality of Protifarm ingredients inside.