Food Future – Insects as Human Food

FoodFutureDo insects have a future as a human food source in Europe?!

Current figures show that about 30 percent of the world’s population regularly eats insects. There are currently no (uniform) legislations in the EU regarding edible insects with the exception of some isolated initiatives in Belgium and the Netherlands. Short-term expectations predict a change in regulations which will enables companies to breed and process insects for human consumption. Eating insects has many advantages in terms of both nutritionally and ecological reasons. Recent research indicates that insects are extermely rich in protein and contain vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids and minerals. Compared with consumption of animals they have a higher feed efficiency , they put less burden on agricultural land and demand less water.

The aim of the project is the development of meat-like and functional, consumer-friendly products based on insects for human consumption. Simultaneously a generally accepted quality standard will be developed. This is essential to ensure food safety and product quality. The project will look at all stages of the process , from the production to the preparation of marketable products. The cooperation between German , Dutch and Belgian companies, knowledge institutions and networks contributes to establishing a leading position in the the market of edible insects in terms of knowledge and experience.