Code of Conduct

The Protifarm Code of Conduct illustrates the key values and standards our company is founded upon. These are the determinative aspects, which reflect on how we act in our daily professional relationships and business decision-making. All of our employees are committed to proactively comply with them and thus, we expect that our (future) partners will also act in line with these firmly established values and standards.

Sustainability is at the heart of Protifarm’s business values and we are fully dedicated in meeting our aim of “feeding the world without consuming the earth”. We believe that what we do – and how we do it – can significantly contribute to achieving the top 3 goals to transform our world, as identified by the United Nations in its sustainable development agenda, namely (1) end poverty, (2) end hunger and (3) ensure good health and well being. On the basis of insights gained through considerable R&D, we make sure that sustainability continues to be embodied in our business operations.

Protection of the environment and of the health of our employees is at the heart of our business. Furthermore, we aim to ensure the highest level of safety and quality applied to our work area and to the products we deliver to the market, thereby also ensuring the health of our customers. In line with our sustainability goal, we strive to make efficient use of all resources and reduce to a minimum any negative consequences our operations may have on environment. We act in accordance with all applicable regulatory frameworks covering environment, health, safety and quality and we constantly keep track of the latest developments on these matters. Furthermore, we have obtained all relevant permits, licences and certificates required for our business. We have educated our staff to always report any safety and/or quality concerns to the management of the company.

Our company creates equal employment opportunities for everybody applying or already working for Protifarm and does not discriminate on any grounds in any of the employment stages (i.e. recruitment, hiring, trainings and workshops, salaries, benefits and disciplinary actions). It offers fair working conditions and payment based on employees’ experience and performance. Our employees are competent and highly qualified to perform their tasks and duties and we continue to invest in adequate staff trainings.

Any non-publicly available information owned by and/or relating to Protifarm, which if disclosed could be used against the company’s interest, is regarded as confidential and must be always kept secret and be protected against any unauthorized access. Protifarm applies the same standards of care to any confidential information and/or materials received from our business partners. Any violation of confidentiality obligations may result in civil law sanctions. Protifarm respects the privacy of its employees and business partners. Any processing of personal data by Protifarm is handled in accordance with the existing European and local laws governing data protection and is done fairly, securely and transparently. Protifarm respects the privacy of its employees, business partners and customers.

Any violation of the Protifarm Code of Conduct or other internal policies, which are applicable to all our operations, will not be tolerated and must be reported to the management of the company. Disciplinary actions, including possible employment or partnership termination, are provided for anyone in breach of its content.