The world's first food ingredient range made from insects

Functional, sustainable and full of protein, vitamins, fibre and more

Protifarm, the new Dutch branch of Ÿnsect, the world leader in the production of natural insect ingredients.

Ÿnsect has annouced the acquisition of Protifarm, the world leader in the production of ingredients for Human consumption. This takeover will accelerate the production of insect ingredients to meet the growing global demand.

Following the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) deeming mealworms safe for Human consumption this January, Ÿnsect is fast-tracking its impact in the alternative protein sector, by expanding into the market of food ingredients derived from insect ingredients for Human food.

In addition to its sites in France, Ÿnsect now expands internationally with the integration of Protifarm. This solidifies the company’s position as the world’s largest player in insects for food and feed. With two Ÿnsect production sites operating in Dole and Ermelo, and one under construction near Amiens, the result is an increase in volume and an acceleration of production and delivery to customers in the short and medium term. This will represent a total capacity of over 230,000 metric tons of ingredients per year.

Thus, Ÿnsect uses innovative proprietary technologies, protected by 300 patents, to develop its vertical farms, allowing us to cultivate insects with a low surface impact and a negative carbon and water footprint. We avoid and sequester more CO2 than we emit. Everyday in France, the Netherlands and the USA, more than 200 highly qualified international employees are working to meet the challenges of food security, the preservation of our planet’s environment and climate change.

Effective nutrition for a healthy lifestyle and planet

Eating insects will be the new normal

Over the next few years, the way we eat will change completely. Effective, sustainable solutions will help us secure both a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet. To make it possible, Protifarm, the new Dutch branch of Ÿnsect, has created AdalbaPro, the world’s first ingredient line made from insects for the food and beverage industry. With AdalbaPro Fibert Textured Insect Protein (FTIP) and AdalbaPro Insect Protein Concentrate (IPC), Protifarm managed to create solutions where insect ingredient for food become the new normal.

AdalbaPro is made from the Alphitobius diaperinus, better known as the buffalo mealworm, a hardy insect with an exceptional nutritional value. It is not only highly nourishing, but also far more sustainable than other sources of protein. Requiring dramatically less land, water, and feed than other alternatives. Our planet-friendly solution that can be used to enhance and develop food and beverages. Such as baking products, sports nutrition, pasta, meat and meat alternatives.

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Why insects as a base for a healthy lifestyle and planet?

Healthy lifestyle

Naturally high in protein
Excellent protein quality with complete amino acid profile
Naturally rich in vitamins & minerals
Natural source of omega 3 fatty acids
Naturally high in fibre

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Healthy planet

Limited GHG emissions
Efficient feed conversion
Low land use through vertical farming
Low water use

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